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Mission Statement

A society designed to help future clinicians who promote, educate, and advocate the use of Alfred Adler’s Adlerian theory within their practices. 

S.A.S provides leadership experience, professional development opportunities and

mentorship for all students specializing in the Adlerian track. 

S.A.S offers opportunities for potential scholarship preference, networking at conferences and a strong presence within the community and campus.


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Meet Us

Kyndall Peele, President

Kyndall Peele is an avid scholar who comes to Bowie State by way of Cleveland, Ohio. 

She is currently researching and presenting Adlerian techniques that can be used with Millennials. She aspires to become a Global Clinical Psychologist who will work with war refugees and those with traumatic brain injuries. She enjoys swimming, traveling, and reading.

Marcus Mason, 1st VP

Marcus is  currently in his last semester to obtain a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology.  He is from Silver Spring, Maryland and enjoy's working out and anything water-related. Marcus plans to continue his studies in Educational Psychology in order to become fully versed in the theory and practice in education.  His biggest goal is to eliminate the school to prison pipeline for persons of color." 

Gee Akiwumi, 2nd VP

Gee is a counseling psych student with a passion for working with juveniles and court appointed youth. She has worked with at risk youth for over eight years providing mentorship, leadership skills, and teaching strong coping mechanisms. Gee wants to be able to work with high risk juveniles providing them with the skills they need to succeed. During leisure time she likes working out, playing basketball and spending time with family.

AmberLace Moore, PR Liaison

AmberLace is completing her final semester and will graduate in December with a M.A. in Mental Health Counseling.  Areas of interests are Sports Psycholoy, Nutritional Psychology, Sexology and working with adolescent minority males. She plans to open a private practice and obtain her Psy.D. In her spare time she enjoys dancing, traveling and shopping.  

Carl Scott, Executive Administrator

Carl C. Scott is a Bronx native whose goal in life is to travel the world and help adolescents overcome any obstacle. Carl has a passion for working with under privileged youth, and writing. Carl has a helping attitude and lives by the quote "If one person can eat, so can two. And if Two people can eat, so can four." Sharing and teaching are some his strengths just to name a few. 
In his spare time he enjoys playing Basketball and trying new foods. 

Shanice Martin, Treasure

New Yorker Shanice Martin, is currently a Financial Aid Counselor at UMUC. She aspires to become a mental health counselor. She obtained her bachelor's degree in psychology from the SUNY University at Albany. During her free time, Shanice enjoys reading, dancing, shopping and traveling. 


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